this is what trying to fast looks like…

while i was riding my bike home from school today, nano-in-the-ear, q-tip’s “vibrant thing” was followed by bruce hornsby’s “gunna be some changes made”. i love this song, and it made me think more about ramadan. this may be totally the wrong approach to be taking, but i  just want to say that since i’ve arrived in indonesia, i’ve dedicated myself to a solid 27 months of service, giving up all of my favorite foods, drinks, sex, and really most of my american behaviors, habits, and freedoms, thinking twice before i step out of the house, to make sure i’m not revealing anything that otherwise wouldn’t be a problem back in the states. i’m trying to be a good role model, exemplifying good teacher behaviors, and representative of america, sharing different aspects of america as i meet people. so i just wanted to say, even if it’s been a struggle for me fast, the ideals of ramadan are still in my heart. even if i’m not giving up things i miss/enjoy and devoting myself to a god, i’m still giving up things i miss/enjoy and devoting myself to the service of peace corps. for two years.

and bam. i feel better now that i’ve gotten that off of my chest. so if i want an oreo while the sun is still up, i think i should have an oreo while the sun is still up. no guilt.

thank you and good bye.

please enjoy the strange photos that you see above documenting dehydration to re-hydration, my discovery of faux ritz crackers, and buying a well deserved new pack of oreos. and listen to the soothing tunez of  bruce hornsby (shout-out to charlotte hornsby if you’re reading this…tell your uncle i say he’s inspiring me!).


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