Welcome Video

Yo fellow followers, this is a brief welcome video that I helped to put together to officially welcome the new group of volunteers to our ‘keluarga besar’ (big family). It’s a brief compilation of some of our positive moments as well as clips from daily life, playing with kids, cooking, and most importantly dancing for fun (hey we have lots of spare time). Enjoy.

Look out for more videos in the future!


1 thought on “Welcome Video

  1. Hello Elle,

    My name is Martin Cisneros. I am an undergraduate engineering student at Arizona State University. I am working on a start up that is similar to Engineers Without Borders but innovative in a few aspects. I would love to hear about potential areas in need of innovative engineering projects (water filters, lighting, tools, local transportation of goods, and hygiene) that you have noticed in the villages you have visited in indonesia. Based on some research, I believe there is large potential for helping some of the rural areas of Indonesia. I am currently trying to find a specific area to model the example solutions around. So that being said I would greatly appreciate any feedback you have on your experiences. You can reach me at mcisner3@asu.edu. Thanks!

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