People Type the Darndest Things

Whoever monitors or keeps any sort of organizational tabs on search engines, bless their hearts. If I ever had a job like that, there’s an 86% chance (I enjoy making up percentages) that I’d be making my income laughing at all of the outlandish things people type into search bars, but I think the other 14% of the time I’d feel rather… puzzled…

A perk of having blog stats is that I can see [and often be humored by] the collection of terms that people who happen to find my blog type into search engines. I’d like to share some of those true gems which can be categorized into three distinctive groups that I’ve dubbed “Sorry to let you down…”, “Huh? But WHY?” and “No animal exploitation here, bucko”. If you’re one of those people who’s been brave or strange enough to type anything like what you’re about to see below, well, bless your heart, too.

CATEGORY 1: Sorry to let you down…

  • ‘Why do people say silent but deadly?’
  • ‘Cute Indian Muslim baby photos’
  • ‘How to wear a wool cardigan’
  • ‘Indonesia transvestite’
  • ‘I rode my bike here just to take a shit’
  • ‘Cyclospora’
  • ‘What means dilarong’


  • ‘funny God ram’
  • ‘jual bra set young heart’
  • ‘chauffeur uniform’
  • ‘there’s nothing better than the smell of melting in the morning’
  • ‘tasting my own poo’
  • ‘sneeze “I’m close”’
  • ‘staff in uniform having lunch’
  • ‘demonic pictures sitting’
  • ‘graphic peace and sex’
  • ‘big family hugging that are sad’
  • ‘yanti hot’

 CATEGORY 3: No animal exploitation here, bucko

  • ‘bloody cow cacasses’
  • ‘cow neck bleeding’
  • ‘man with goats head’
  • ‘cow testies’
  • ‘crazy horse corps feminine’

I hope that despite the absence of ‘cow testies’ and ‘cute Indian Muslim baby photos’, that wherever you are, whoever you are, that you’re gaining something from my cluster of reflections and occasional abilities to feel way too many emotions at once. Either way, terimakasih for reading! In the meantime, I’m currently organizing my thoughts and other scribbling’s to share for upcoming posts. What else is new?

If anyone happens to type in ‘cutest dog in the world’, hopefully they’ll find this post so they can understand how much I miss my dog, Gao-Gao. He’s probably the coziest, most articulate, humblest dog I know and he understands English and Chinese, I mean come on, what’s there not to love?


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