pawwwwsh corps, not.

I laugh now thinking how freak out I initially was when I found out Indonesians don’t use toilet paper… I mean, I knew that this was common in many, many societies, but I thought it would be similar to my experiences in China where you just carry it around with you! I still haven’t fully adjusted to becoming an Indonesian, to say the very least. BUT I and the rest of my training group have been adjusting quite well. My friend brought up the other day whether our program was “one of the easier” ones… this conversation led my mind to think various things, is this not challenging enough? Shit I feel pretty challenged to be honest…we’ve just been adjusting, and it’s been quite a process. Things don’t seem to phase me much anymore, and then I remember “wow… I can’t believe this is happening” or “wow this view is gorgeous, I walk by this every day”.

Went to my first Indonesian wedding yesterday… people were drunk out of their minds, which was something I wasn’t expecting considering how alcohol doesn’t play a very strong role in society. The bride, groom, and their family all seemed exhausted. I’m pretty sure weddings are fun for everyone except for the bride and groom because they have to basically invite the entire village, and greet them, and it doesn’t seem enjoyable overall.

Not feeling especially creative at the moment so I think I will post some photos instead—


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