Yesterday my emotions suddenly decided to show up after being absent for the past few weeks. While flying from Fort Worth, TX to San Francisco, CA, it suddenly hit me that I’d be leaving my comfort bubble for a solid 27 months. I read in my Peace Corps handbook that I should expect to go through these feelings of “holy wow, what am I doing?” but I didn’t think it’d hit me this fast. I even tried to watch and episode of The Real Housewives of New York City (sidenote:  if you know me well enough, you’d know that I find a strange sense of comfort in listening to disgustingly rich women yap about charities, plastic surgery, and other ridiculous ‘hardships’) to take my mind off of my anxieties, but even that didn’t help!

I got into San Francisco last night. This afternoon we started Staging which is another Peace Corps term for registration. Our group of 31 finally united, jumped right into silly ice-breaker type games of “find out who does this hobby” or “who’s not nervous about their luggage weight?” As I find out more and more about each Peace Corps Trainee (PCT), we literally come from all over the US and could probably cover the entire world with our combined travel experiences. It was a good feeling to know that 30 other people shared the same anxieties and aspirations about traveling to Indonesia. Tomorrow comes a new adventure as we begin our journey to SE Asia, starting with a 22 hour layover in Hong Kong. After eating a good Japanese meal in San Francisco with a large 21oz Asahi beer (which may be my last for a long, long time), I think I am ready for bed.

PS—HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMANDA SCHUTT, GREEN UNITY’S MOMMA! Remember, Indonesia’s national slogan is “Unity Through Diversity”, GU always in my heart!


4 thoughts on “sitting-waiting-sitting-sitting

  1. Yay I made the blog!! 🙂 And chin up lady — you’re *living* the JeeeJunity mission, making the world a better, brighter place, Mommas so proud of you!!

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